Weekend comes around again

Picnic anyone??

Weekend comes around again. We kinda feel like last weekend is just 2 days ago isn't it? Anyone has already planned something for this weekend..shopping, going to the workshop (that would be me), spending quality time with family, cook something nice for the family and etc. I hope it would be a wonderful weeknd for you..

Last night, I just managed to finish my reading on the motivational book ; How to get from where you Are to where you want to Be. A gift from my best friend for my birthday. Means, It's more than a year!! Ahahaha!! Well, not that I started to read it right after I got it because I have 6 novels given by Cembam for my last year's birthday as well. So after all 6 were finished, only then I started with this one. But it takes months..that I can assure you.

I'm still thinking what I'm gonna do this weekend.Hmmm..I still haven't shoot KLCC area. Maybe there? But going there alone just for the sake of shooting...I'm not that deeply indulged with photography till that kind of extent yet. Ehehehe..for now, I will bring Nieyl wherever I go, but I never bring Nieyl wherever I wanna shoot..U got me??ehehehe!!

I might be going for a swim la this weekend..hmm..hmm..But tonight pasar malam like usual. I wanna buy buah longan la..ehehehe!!! Jom beli buahhh!!!