wedding Kak Long and Zam

Kak Long dan Zam

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone of youuu!!!

Monday comes as being told by Him on time like usual. And just like every other mondays, we always feel the holiday is not enough for us. The laundry is not even washed yet. The bushes getting wilder on the backyard..hoping for another day of holiday.

Last saturday was my first full-cover for wedding photography. I tagged along a friend of a friend of mine doing the job to get the real on-field experience..what to expect, the dos and don'ts and a lot more aspects to be taken seriously while doing wedding photography. It's a really thrilling experience especially the first morning, the first shot I was going to snap. I felt so shyyyy when the event was about to start. I was always think that I'm just someone who tag along, not the real photographer and making my move so limited..

After akad nikah..We had a short session around the mosque. This time, I learnt something..'interaction'. To get the shot..with the right angel and the most important thing with the smiles from the couple, U need to interact with them. Communicate how you want them pose so the moment is nicely captured.

Right after that, we headed towards the main hall where the wedding ceremony will take it place. It's a hall with a high roof. The OP (official photography) started to warn me that it would be tough coz the flash wont bounce back as it can't even reach the roof. Huhuhu..another great thing I learnt. But with the limited equipment I still try to snap and keep on snap to get the best pictures. But the indoor session could be concluded as a failure to me. Huhuu..pity me.

After all the pictures with the family, the bride and the groom said that they would be ready for outdoor shooting. Nice...outdoor..something I should be ok with. During the outdoor, the shy and the nervous have already vanished to the thin air. I interact with them, tell them to loosen up..get ease so the picture would be more alive. The thing is, the groom is so hard to smile, he's not a good smiler..but kinda sporting. The bride is good at smiling, but not that sporting. Hmm..

I dont wanna talk to much about the outdoor coz I'm not really good to talk about it. But at least I learnt a lot this time. And the funny thing is, I'm a lot more confident now..hehehe...Well pictures talk more. I've uploaded some pics around the akad nikah event. Check it out here. I'll upload the indoor and outdoor pictures later Cheers!!

p/s : mekacih masy belikan aku mug..ehehe..I lap U