Sarina's wedding last Sunday has been another medium for us, brotherhood of SUAyens to gather and meet each others. A lot of topics, gossips and laughs filling the atmosphere for 2 hours. Another one of our friend stepping into marriage world of challenges and patiences..hehehe

The brides and the grooms have already in the middle of filling their stomach with the fancy arranged fired prawns, decorated watermelon and other dishes for them. We kinda miss the Sanding event. Hehehe..There were 2 couples that day.

saja2 try wat2 ala magazine.tau..tak sama cam magazine...aku wat cincai boncai je..ehehe

The bride and the groom were also very busy with the relatives. We didn't get the nice chance to get a picture together. So while waiting those girls above smiling and posing on the pelamin. Everyone was trying to get the blessing from the pelamin..ahaha!! Well surely my face wouldn't be in the picture.

Menunggu giliran dengan debaran ni

After a while, (well..not that while coz they all have already bored and tired to pose more for my lense) Sarina emerged from the outside but without the groom. So we decided to just have the fun with Sarina only. Anyway Sarina is our friend, not the groom...hehe.

I like this picture..the laughters and the joys are well framed..=]

I was uploading the pictures, but I can't upload all of them because the quota has already exceeded, and the cracking step could not be performed anymore. Fl!ckr has already secured that last hope. SO, some of the pictures have already uploaded here..later, I mean 1st August, I'll upload the rest..

Next on the list - Panca and NOra..huhu!!