I just finished reading Faisal Tehrani's Kekasih Sam Po Bo. I finished it yesterday after months I borrowed from my sis. So slow reader...I know..It's not I'm a slow reader..well literally, but I just don't really spend so much time for reading. Apparently since the day where I was preparing to be assessed by the HSBC interviewer to get a job as a CSR there, the urge to read and improve my english has been thwarted with so many common things like movies, Warcraft and Photoshop..hehe

There are tonnes of words which are so new for me and I've never heard of in this novel. I jotted down the words and try to find the meaning with the online kamus dewan. Well, U can't just so eager to improve ur english but left aside your malay can U??

SO, now I'm reading a book also given by my sis, Marian Keye's Is Anybody Out There. A story about a widow who just lost her husband but felt so connected and couldn't face the reality that her husband just vanished from her sight without even saying goodbye. It's gonna take me longer months as the book is so thick..nyiahaha!! I even bring it to the office. Being a support consultant gives me more time then being a tester back then...hehehe

Opppss..need coffee..hold on------------------------

Ok..I'm back but with milo instead. Hmmm..anyone wants to hang out this weekend..waterfall?beach? shooping complex? anywhere...hehe..I need to screw back Wan Hayati's rear bumper first this weekend. Afraid it would totally collapsed when I hit any holes or big bumper..

Blue Bay resort's swimming pool

I think I need to start swimming again. When I swam at Blue Bay's swimmig pool during the lumut journey, it took me just 5 minutes before I started to gasp for air..ahaha..not enough stamina. Plus I need to drag my housemate's ass to swim after he bought a swimming short but just used it once...ehehe!! Hmm..swimming would do if none of you wanna spend it with me...huuuu..=[