Lumut Trip, Jalan2, Eksiden

I went to Lumut with my housemates last weekend. My friend's work requires him to give assistance any time a new intake of UNIKL batch in term of registration via the system and anything that goes around it. So , this time the intake was for Lumut branch. He's already book the hotel for 2 person and planned to drive his gf's car there.

So, we decided to tag along. We can ronggeng around while waiting him finished with the registration. At the end, my 2 housemates and I decided to tag along. So 4 of us went for the unplanned holiday..yeaa..Place to sleep - checked!!

But the plan's changed a bit coz I'm the one driving using my own car. Bigger bonet (am I spelling it correctly?) we think.We used the h.way first to compare the distance and the time consumption with the other road along K.selangor, Sabak Bernam which I always use. We stopped at Behrang to fill our stomach with some light food. We arrived at Lumut around 2.30 and straight away looking for the BLue Bay resort to check in so we could leave our buggages in the room.

We recce the whole jeti area especially the dried food prices. There are a lot of choices..Then we went to find the UNIKL branch. On the way back, we stopped at Hutan Paya Bakau. They built a concrete walking passage leading us into the woods. Along the way, or even at the entrance the monkeys greet us and hoping also hopping for food from the visitor. It's really impressive because non of the monkeys attacked any visitor or chasing us for food. They just play around next to us but do nothing dangerous to us. Good boy..good boy..

At night, we shopped everything we want coz we were thinking to spend the next day at Telok Batik or Telok Senangin for wave riding..nyeh nyeh. Finished shopping, we went to find seafood restaurant for our dinner. The first stop was so full of people, even the waiter advise us that we gonna be waiting at least an hour. So we found another restaurant, not that crowdy. We pick our dishes for that night. I took 150 gram prawn, my other h.mate, 250gram and the other one 200 gram of squid. There were really nice. BUt pity, my butter prawn is not that buttery as I thought..

The next day, I drove my housemate to Unikl, got back to fetch the others, went to Telok Batik -> checked out -> Telok Batik again to have a nice windy nap while waiting our unikl housemate finished his work.

We headed home after fetching him. First stop - fruit stall. But no longan anymore for sell. 2nd stop - Roadblock. I asked my h.mates to wear their seatbelt before a bang from my rear making us a bit shock. Someone hit Wan Hayati's Bump!!! Damn it!! I parked on the side and came out from the car. A boy came out from his smashed front bumper car and apologized to me with a reason - I slipped my clutch..

Fortunately, my bumper just smashed a bit on the corner. The screw that used to hold firm the bumper is plucked out by force making Wan Hayati's bump looks like a newly giving birth mom!! Nyiahaha!! I asked for compensation and that boy said he only got Rm20. I took it walking back to the car. It was hot..we were all thinking of home, I dont wanna spend time escorting the boy for more money from the ATM which is 40km from the place.

2 policemen approached us. Apparently, the boy's road tax is expired. One of them advised me to lodge a report. But u know, it's gonna be tiring, going to the police for the report and the case..I dunno how long would it take. That boy is really lucky ok. WHen he asked again with a pale face whether I'm lodging any report. I just said that it's Ok..I dont mind spending some money rather than spending more time for a report. The boy got a fine anyway. And his bumper is worse than mine.

We then stopped at my house, antar jajan. My dad really happy to see my housemates. They know each other coz my dad sometimes had a night at my house and chat with them while he's there. Our last stop - AIr mangga stall and Simpang Lima mosque. Berak la diorg tu. We reached home after 2 and a quarter hour from my house. Nice trip even unplanned..

Sian wan Hayati..mmg rasa so tak best coz I only got Rm20..but takpe la..maybe next time if I hit someone's car when I really tak sengaja, I will be treated like how I treat this boy. Right?? More pictures here ;