Just an update


Huhuhu..Lately I felt so tired whenever I reached my room. I felt sleepy and sometimes I dont even bother my dinner..It's because I didn't go for a sport the past few days. Had meetings around 5 p.m which surely dragged till 6.30.So, I wont make it to the court or even if I make it, I could only play for one round. it's not worth with the speed and rempit I need to do.

I just finished editting all my first outdoor shoot. Not a very big editting done, just play with the colours. But some pictures is a bit dark when I uploaded it to flickr. Nevermind, I'll replace it if I have time. You can check it out (if you are interested of course) here. Mana lah tahu kan..you guys want me to frame your precious moments..ehehe

I just finished a meeting with my project's consultants from Netherlands who are here for I dont know how long. Sometimes the pronunciation when you speak is kinda funny especially if you misheard it. It will become an entirely different meaning. At the end of the meeting, the chairman who is a huge girl, kinda hot with big knockers..so firm I can't let my eyes off of it (wahahahahaha!!!) said to us "dont be shy...you can come to me if you want to change something'. But the pronunciation that I heard or might also the others heard especially Malaysian was 'Dont be shy..you can cum in me'...ahahaha!!ahahahahahaha!!!!!!

------nak berehat setelah berkata nista dlm entri ini-----------------