My new profile's picture. Nyeh2..The pacak2 picture before has been used more than a year...It's time for a new pic. (Not sure la still looks like Zizan ke??)

Nyeh nyeh..It's Friday, another week passed in our job life. Making it closer and closer to Ramadhan. I haven't fast for any single day for Rejab..Yes, I admit..I'm so not so fond of fasting. During my secondary years..I always came to school with the intention of fasting, this one was so easy as my family rarely had a breakfast before going to school. But after school, if I went to the pekan, definitely I would break my fast because of the rojak buah..ahaha!!! I think if Ramadhan fasting is just a sunnah, I might never fast in my whole life..nyiahaha!!

Hmm..I just changed my profile picture..this is the 2nd picture..Yaa..I just feel like to change it yesterday..or this week? I kinda post a lot of my own picture this week ah?? Hmm it because of the publicity-syndrome??Ngeh ngeh..

You remember last year I went to Perth for company trip. I'm not really sure how many of you have already being my blog reader at that time. It was my first flight experience. But this year, we don't get the privilige of the company trip...Huwaaa..Some said rumor is spreading out probably on October, after Raya. But I dont think so. Last year, the trip was announced 3 months in advance.

There was a lot of things happened in my company. We have been bought by N0rthgat3 Company..and then N0rthgat3 is owned by an American company called KKKR or something sounds like, from the perspective of hopeless financial knowledge like me, I think the revenue and the profits will of course be shared among I correct..So maybe this is the reason trip this year..huuuu..Fortunately to lift up our spirit, the big manager said.."trip is our style"..hence, there would be trip but not this year...=[

My colleague sent me picture from Perth taken by his camera. I editted it a bit. Mine was erased along with the other stuffs when my laptop decided to go BLUE and stubbornly keep on booting..FORMATTED. happy la we all last year. There's me trying to imitate NEO from The Matrix movie..ehehe..

And I just got email from the Sepak takraw lead for MIRI Sport Day. I'm not eligible to play. They wont allow contractors to participate. Strictly for SH3ll payroll and their spouse. Arghhh..NO MIRI..Masy!! You better pity me and get a mug I want from Kuching coz I aint going there..huwaaaa!!! Maybe I could ask awek Sh3ll payroll to marry me? So I'm gonna be sh3ll payroll's staff's spouse?? SO I can go!!! Yess..I would do that..for the sake of free trip to MIRI.