first attempt

I have a new hobby or passion now...Not replacing any hobby that I have, but just adding into the collection...nyeh nyeh. I likw to play with PS now. yup..photoshop. Not for editting my pictures only, but try to transform them to a sort of more meaningful things. Like album, or storyboard..or poster. Something like that..

I start to play with the brush more seriously..looking at others' custom album made for their client's wedding day and so on. As my housemate who once played DOTA with me every night he came home early is so busy with his upcoming marriage giving him less time to play DOTA with me, I found this new passion will fill up my entire night!!

So, I spent almost 2 hours sorting and managing all the brushes I've downloaded from the net to make it simpler to me. I named the collection with my own format..tadaaa..I have a nice brushes set now..ehehe..

So, for my first experiment...I use my friend's name. I kinda design the cover for their engagement photo album..ahahaha!!poyo kan!! But seriously, I play around with the brush je malam tadi. Then I put a picture...output = cover yg tak seberapa; cam first attempt la..dengan penggunaan brush yg banyak..ehehehe..Hijrah dia pn tak betul. Nama pn try. Tp Nora suke. kan nora kan?kan?

So after this, I'd be trying more and more to produce the best design like the nice one out there..hehe..Bhasyaaa!!!