Fashion related tag

Been tagged by Eliya and she claimed she would check my blog to see if I'd obey the tag or not..nyiahaha!! Yerks yerks je. But still, I'm gonna do it lor. The questions are so not related actually when it comes to men..Men are originally and naturally beautiful. We dont need those fake eyelashes which from 10, 9 of us would say ugly to those who wear it. But still all the actresses are wearing it..bakka

But then, here are your tag Eliya. Don't be disappointed with the answers..Wink WInk!!

My Foundation : I used bedak susu kambing once when my mom bought it for us..nyiahaa!! I used it during my matriculation day.

My Mascara : beeppp..I already have a great so-straight eyelashes that can penetrate a handkerchief.

My Day Cream : Ice cream, I prefer it chocolate

My Essential Beauty Product : N/A. Told U, I'm already beautyyyyyfull..Nyiahaha!! But I have a clean and clear nye pencuci muka. Tp sll lupa nk pakai. The bottle is still full. AHahahaha!!

Women I admire for their beauty : Beauty is subjective. There are a lot!! I admire a girl I saw when I had my pizza at Pizza Hut. I dont know her name, she was sitting there having her pizza with her family. Her clean and clear and bright...

Women with the best sense of style : Woman that wears something which makes them beautiful as she is and feels convenient wearing it. Not just say.."No...I feel OK with it", but it really is payah tarik2 baju bila duduk, nk show..just show la..hehe. N tak de blister bila jalan..tkyah tampal handiplast to wear a shoe..But kecantikan adalah hak milik setiap insan. Suka hati korg la nk pakai pa..Nyiahahaha!!!

My Ultimate dream : Ni dream dr segi kecantikan ke ni?? I want a lvery straight hair...hehehe..bley wat every kind of styles..let it long pn better..ehehehe

How do I define womanhood : Ermmm...ermmm..When a woman knows exactly what to do, what to wear. How to look not-ugly in front of to dress properly or being sexy as they please. I like sexy..but tkyah malu2 plak nk sexy..nyiahahahaha!!!And jgn marah plak kita usha..nyiahahaha!!

My favourite fashion publication : I dont really follow any. But if the model is so nice, sexy in my preferred way..maybe I buy kot..nyiahahaha

Ok..I've done my part Eliya..nyeh nyeh.. Owkh. A picture just for fun. I shoot this unexpectedly when two of my friends seems like having an affair..nyiahahaha!!!