Drizzling on Monday morning

Just came back from my prayer. My credit limit expired today asking another RM30 from my wallet balance for the credit top-up. I sat at the corridor of the lobby to feel the chilling breeze of the drizzling monday enjoying the pattern of every drops of the rain..Everytime there's a rain, I always remember a quote saying that every drop of it comes with an angel or a malaikat and it's one of the best time to pray. So there I sat praying..

Hmm...hmm..like usual..how's ur weekend guys??!!!!

Friday evening, I went for the first training with the cyberjaya sport club for the praparation of MIri's Shell sport's day..huhu!! My colleague introduced me to them right after he eavesdropped me saying that I play sepak takraw every evening. Well, not all of them can play decently but they got spirit I would say. Hence, by Allah's permission..I might have a chance for a free travel to Sarawak..yeaaa!!!Hehehe!! Hope nothing else would thwart the plan.

I went for swimming with 2 of my housemates on Saturday. Upon arrival at Bukit Jalil,we saw so many cars, it happened that it was their 10th anniversary (Bukit Jalil sport complex) that Saturday. I didn't bring Nieyl along..so no pictures..huwaaa!! Then we saw the sign "cheerleading competition"..waaauuuu..'We say R...rrrrr, we say A aaaaa'. Nyiahaha..But we stick to our original plan, swimming..Semphuuutttttt!!!

When we came out from the pool, it was scorching hot. Well, at least that's what my housemate said. But for me..so relaxing after the cool water..We then had our lunch..then went home..And you know what??We didn't go to any of the autoshow nor the cheerleading competition. Nyiahaha!! So malas la..Just watched movie from the laptop.

Sunday, jalan2 around Seri Serdang or precisely what we call it padang. Such a long time since I went there. We used to buy our lunch around there when we were students. I was looking for a new sepak takraw shoe.

So, the rest of the weekend just lazing around watching movie, hopping and kicking the ball and another movie during the night..ehehe!! But I managed to stay awake after subuh prayer today. I'll try again tomorrow with something meaningful to do..ehehe!! till then..jaa neee!!!