chit chat monday

Assalamualaikum everyone...May you guys blessed by Him to achieve everything you've been longing to..=]

Just had my lunch with Ayman and our project manager.We talked a lot about the roads and directions here in KL for any optional rpads we could take to shorten the distance, time and fuel consumption and most important factor - traffic jam. We also talked about tips to save ur fuel. To share with u guys...just treat ur half tank meter as empty starting now. I've been practicing this for months and it really saved a lot more for more kilometers.

When you filled your tank full, there would be less space for the petrol to vaporize, less space for the petrol to shake here and there making it more and more vaporize. I know most of U heard that if you full up your tank, it would be heavy so more force to drive your car. Aiyoo..your full tank just like having one doesn't effect much. Trust me..treat your half tank meter as empty..and full up your tank after that. You can see the difference..a really solid difference I would say.


Weekend, I watched the Dark Knight with my friends. A very nice movie. If you watched Batman Begins, Dark Knight continues the story starting the reconstruction of Wayne Mansion. The JOker was acted so well. I even heard the death of the actor which is due to drug abuse is because the actor seems to be so into the character that made him behave like JOker and ended his life. Well, that's what people said. But the act of Joker is so greaaattttt. Two face - another villain in Batman is also 'created' in Dark Knight. I do think there would be another Batman movie later. Go watch it..It's worth your money.

Sunday - went to my friend's wedding. Yup, another one. One by one my friends have been married and start their life as a husband or a wife. But most of them are the girls. So, I'm not that desperate..ehehee...

When we arrived, the king and the queen have already eating. We missed the sanding part. Nevermind then coz we still take some pictures together. Of course la my face wouldn't be there..hehe.

I met cembam at night...nothing seems changed. I didn't examine her thoroughly maybe.ahahaha!!! We need to be more understanding, more realistic for the days ahead. The big gap of the distance would surely needs adaptation from the both of us. are some pictures of my friends' charming princess and prince. I wonder when I could hold my own...=]

Aishah. My ex roommate's daughter and I. She smiled when we were about to part ways and going home. Mcm siut.

Irfan and his mom

This is the usual face of Aishah. Mmg tak puas hati gile ngan aku