Bye Cembam


I'm going to Ulu Yam tomorrow. There will be a small outing with others from fotopages community. We gonna meet at Petronas Giant Batu Caves. Anyone wants to tag along. Just dont bother the words 'fotopages community', it's just an outing. Killing 2 birds with one stone. You guys can enjoy the chilling stream and after finished we can go somewhere laa

We might go for sighseeing around the kite flying area and shoot some pics of us at Batu caves. I've never been there I tell you., is it attracting enough..COme!!The more the merrier!!

Wanna type bout something else. I think I've already told you and you that Cembam has just finished her Teaching course about 2 months ago and was waiting for the posting result. Well the result has already out. And guess what..she got posted in Terengganu. Huhuhu..we gonna be apart starting now.
I wonder how it would be. I've accustomed to it after a month plus she's at her hometown waiting for the result. I think it might be better for us with the distance. The original plan of our future arrangement seems to be revoked as per the posting result.
To visit each other is also challenging. The distance is the first thing. Then the holiday is also different. Cembam's off on Friday and Saturday. Me, as U know Saturday and Sunday. Ehehehe..cembam said 'nevermind la...just for the time being when I'm single'..ehehehe...Cembam nk kawin ngan kita...ehehehehehe!!!!
Good luck Cembam for the challenges waiting U in the future. Don't be a candle that burns itself for the sake of ur students, coz if U burnt out..where's my Cembam!! I need to marry someone else lor..ahaha!!! But just be a real teacher who pour all the knowledge for His blessing so your students are not gonna ended up like us - just grab any job. Not following our ambition set long time ago when we were child. Huhuhu!! Bhasyaaaa!!!!