I'm watching SIndarela online..the last week's episode. I missed it last week for joining my friend to bowl. I like this drama. I'm not the type of person who really follow malay drama...not being cynical or condemning malay drama..but I just sick of the repeated stupidity in the scripts. But Sindarela is different. The script is rather out of the box. The scenes, the roles are creative.

I like this new least for now. I need to be here for at least 3 years. A lot of things might happen all those years. Nyehehe..hopefully I would always feel relax and happy working at my own desk here, well eventhough I don't have my own name at my desk yet.

The most important thing is like I always emphasized "enjoy your life and your job". There are a lot of ways to do it..nyeh nyeh nyeh!! But for sure, I have my own time to even read novel during my work and watch Sindarela tell me ain't that great!!!