Yo wes to!!


Eventhough I'm kinda dizzy because of undetected reason. NOt sure whether due to my fever-ceasing sensation or my cup of nescafe which I haven't sipped for the last 2 weeks due to my fever. The sparkles are circling my head on their orbit..wuuunnggg wwuunnggg!!

This Saturday, I'm gonna meet my buyer at SOHO Bangi. It's kinda sad to part ways with my Dieypu..but it's OK la coz I've already got my replacement. Still thinking of the name for it.


Just got back from the mosque. We went to Bukit Aman's mosque right after our lunch at the famous ikan bakar spot around there. But today, none of us go for the ikan bakar. Except me who just had a light lunch of rojak buah, the rest enjoyed their laksa. I amazed myself that today I didn't fell asleep as usual during the khutbah. I managed to stay awake till the end, not feeling a bit of sleepiness and I could remember the essences of the khutbah. Hmm...is it because of my dizziness???nyiahahaha!!!

Remember my hobby collecting the paper cup by replacing them with my own cup instead of using them and wasted them like the others do???Tere are already 5 towers which constitute around emmm.. maybe 500 cups. But there's a new policy now to save the papers save the trees. Now we need to use our own cups or the glasses provided to take the drinks...Hmm..no more paper cups for my collection. For a small kenduri...I can still use the cups with me I think. But not enuff for my wedding day...nyiahahahaha!!

Owkh..no pictures for today's entry...laziness attacking my cute ass..see ya next week guys!!!