Hehehe!!! Update during weekend..A once in a while ocassion!!

Bunga semak samun yg tak empunya nama

I was supposed to be in one of the hall at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center tonight but instead I was typing this entry in advance to make sure it's a nice one which should give you all the idea that I am totally recuperated but still with the bad coughing just not that often after I abused my throat with one and a half kilo of rambutan. I was kinda irritated when the coughing still doesn't show any sign of ceasing after I gulped 80ml of the coughing syrup bought from GAN Clinic.

I am watching The National Treasure II while my other housemates went out for dinner. I just had Roti Sardin right after I made a U-turn, decided not to go for the dinner and play sepak takraw as usual.The story line of this movie is quite intriguing. It reveals one of made-up America's history which leads to a golden city. I got a decent quality in term of pictures, but the audio is so suck, only the music and the sound effect can be heard with a slow blu bla of the dialogue.

Puisi Sempoi Kuali bergantungan

Hmmm..this morning I met with my D40 buyer Halimaton and her family, Man her husband and Zharif her first son. We met at Amer Restaurant and I handed her the box with all the promised accessories to her. I taught her a brief tips on how to use it and there she went...my once compassionate partner..Bye bye Dieypu. U have opened my eyes to the beauty of this world and make me a part of the people who are trying their best to capture those moments, those beauties.

Zharif (btul kan Maton nama dia?)

Now..who's my current and might be the last and ever partner? Hehehe..I gave her a name - Neyl!!. I hope Neyl would accompany me till the last breath of my passion capturing all the lovely moments, faces and creations..ehehehe!!

I'm at my Arinso office for our training material's discussion. I get to learn how to setup the PA and OM thingy with this training. While waiting the rest to come (I thought I'm gonna be the last one to arrive), I've take my time to publish this entry..ehehe..I've created one personnel area maa..ehehe!! Like usual, more pictures from my Flickr. I was thinking of upgrading my Flickr account to a PRO one like Omar...ehehee!!
Ok..see U guys in Monday!!