Update - Kenduri Arwah

I didn't update for quite a while huh? Looking at Masy's comment makes me realized it more. I'm ot in a good condition now. I have an ON/OFF fever and a great coughing hobby on top of that. The whole might have already irritated with my slow rock coughing. My sis bought me a bottle of coughing syrup the other day..I've already took it twice. 10ml each time. But there's a side effect, it even mentioned on the bottle. A mild headache..I'm not sure whether it makes me sleepy or not. I'll try it today by taking it during office hour right after my lunch.

Last weekend, I took the fever pill and drove towards my hometown after fetching my lil bro from Keramat AU. The pill helps a lot. I reached home around 11.30p.m and asked mom to prepare hot water to bath. My aunties, Cik Diah and Wak Ila were sitting making the 'cucur badak' for the kenduri.

It feels lika Hari Raya. But pity me, I had a bitter-tongue, I can't enjoy the meal like I supposed to. But I still managed to give a hand on those chores. Thanks to fikri, my to-be-bro-in-law. He really helped a lot. I still managed to snap pictures of the event. It was my first time using speedlight that I borrowed from my friend.

My Grandpa enjoying his last touch Petai...I dont eat petai
Danial, my uncle's only son (for now). Big round eyes

My mom and brother.Ahahaha!!!
Miftahul Najihah..
My bro peeling the coconut.

More pictures...just click my flickr header will ya...see ya in a better entry onceI've recuperated!!