Tuesday - installments have been paid..

Well..kereta sorong is petrol free..jom naik keta sorong gi keja!!

Yaa..just done with all the installments payments, credit card and the rest. So, what left with me now is around RM500..huh..Now tell me..am I eligible for the subsidy entitlement??!! It's not fair..well, maybe some of us is paid around 2.5k-3k a month..but that doesn't mean we can afford to fill our tanks with a three ringgit a litre gas everyday!!! Arghhh!!!

I think I'm not gonna say more about the fuel subsidy. It's just a waste of effort coz no one especially the omnipotent power up there..ya.I'm talking about them would listen to a minute voice like me..

I'm hungry...I'm munching a free chipsmore and choc fudge..well, not really the real brand but it looks a like, only taste a bit different..But still ok meh..At least the company care about our hungry stomach..kiki..I'm gonna have a training later, so I need to fill up a bit to make sure the attention remain to the lecture..not to the singing stomac-acid.

Opss...time to kick-off to training. I'm gonna have nice nasi kukus ayam goreng rempah for my lunch..care to tag along??ehehe..


Eh..eh..chopppp!!!! Today is Wednesday. No training la coz only for monday and tuesday...What the cute!! ahaha!! I lost count of the day..bakka bakka!! Ehehe..

Anyone want to hang up with me this weekend...Waterfall or anywhere we can have a nice day without having to use money so much..jom!! Gabai pn orait..or kanching?!! Jom Masy..sodep..Anne..Eehhehehe!!! Qasieh, let's go...bring along la ur abe..Akira besar..come!! I can pick u up..Cembam also stays at Bangi..come come!!