Old pic, new story

Sunset at Simpang Lima Sungai Besar

I'm back in the mood to read right now. So,the book I borrowed from my sis, Kekasih Sam Po Bo will be read again anytime I feel free at the office. I've left the book at the drawer long time ago but yet no time to read it when I was in the testing team. I think I have more time now to read it. nyiahaha!! Still not finished sis..I know...so slow reader.

At home, I'll read an english novel, a gift from my sis - Anybody out there written by Marian Keyes. It's a thick book which surely will take a lot more time than the Faisal Tehrani's. Anyway, at least I'm back with reading hobby..!! Hehe..I'm also trying to finish the motivational book - How to get from where you Are to where U wanna Be. Just few more principles left. It's surely affective for me. The DSLR camera is the prove.

Umah Cik Minah, my auntie taken from my sis car while she drive it kinda fast. But kinda nice composition still

I'm sitting in my permanent sit now..at least for 3 years. But we are going to relocate to Cyberjaya next year, so..it's a permanent sitting at least while we are still here. I got this new LCD monitor which hopefully will reduce the damage to my eyes..I'm totally disappointed to be one of the short-sighted person. Huwaa..When Allah took back even a bit of his Nikmat, I've already feel the suffering..huhu!!

This is the only landmark Pekan Sabak Bernam has at the moment..ehehe..

Hmmm..I couldn't transfer new pictures taken with Nieyl coz my friend forgot to give the transfer cable along with the package. Need to wait till tomorrow coz he's gonna give it to me later today. So, justdig up some old pics, not that old actually..enjoy your days and your jobs everyone..Bhasyaaa!!!

Enjoy it no matter what kind of job u are doing now!!