A new day~~

Huh~~ Surely I was like walking in a dream..no..in a movie. Maybe the title of the movie..sub-see-daaa!!

Everyone has already recived the news about the normal subsidy eradication that has been replaced by some kind of subsidy plan which seems so not making any sense to almost all of us. It's a shocked for everyone especially when it is implemented the next day after the announcement. Hundreds of cars beelining at every petrol station ever exist. Even the unfamous one sold out..That's the impact of the fuel price increement. And on top of that, the electricity tariff has also increased as well..

See..there would be so many cursing from so many mouths..So many ideas, suggestions, critics that would never be taken into account as long as u are just normal citizen. Because the one superior than us didn't even get a chance to throw ideas..

I don't wanna talk about what I think about it. It's just a waste of time. I've already shared it with my colleague about what I think and what I thought yesterday. But the fact would never be changed. The new price has already in action.

So, just try to cope everyone. Yaaa..it would be damn suck to cope with the new price...you would feel the expensive-feeling everytime you fill your tank. But that's how the world goes around U.

A lot of us might have been thinking of riding motorcycle to work..bicycle???ahaha!! If you are living in a small village where your office just 5km max..should be ok..KL??Hahaha!! Dream on it!! But try to imagine..when u are stuck in a jam...then u see a chance to shift lane..u don't give a signal and try to shift lane as fast as u can..but then u heard something..

"kringggg...kkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrriiinnngggg...Bodoh ke?!!! Tgok la skit nk tukar lane!!". A person pulling his bicycle's brake and at the same time trying to stop the tyre with his foot like we used to long years back...Ahahaha!!! How irony!!