I felt locked sometimes...Locked by the financial situation. Between the needs, the dreams, the future plan and the passion. I know that if I try to unlock it, I need to make sure I can lock it back coz it would be chaotic if the lock remains open..The financial flow would be disrupted and keep flowing till the word financial flow left with only the word flow...coz there's ain't any financial left..=p


Today all of the shell employee are wearing the free red shirt provided to support the safety day handled by the HSSE team. There would be a slot where we could watch some presentation slides along with some videos regarding safetiness to cast deeply in our thick-skull how important is for safety awareness in our daily routine. Safety first everyone!!!

We even need to fill in a pledge card so shell could contribute 1euro for each card to..I dont know where, but for charity of course. So everyone wrote down their pledge. Mine? I wrote that I would strap up the seatbelt everytime I drive even for just 100m journey..ehehe!!