Mak Su's tag

Answering Mak Su's tag. Here it super bad sketch of T-rex, Horse and Ayam. Ehehehe..I've actually drew them when I was at my hometown but forgot to bring it back to KL. So, I re-drew it again for Mak Su...eheehehe!!

So I hope you all can identify them as ayam, kuda and t-rex..If not, Aucchhhh...that tells me I'm a ultra bad artist...uhuhuhu

Not feeling well for the past 2 days. I think eventually I would be feeling like this working here. With the torturing chilling temperature...Huuuu..U can put fresh meat on my palm and it will froze right away..!! The air conditionin and ventilation really making us working here sick...except for those with thick skin and rapid metabolisme..ahaha

This weekend, my house will be hosting our uncle's kenduri arwah. So, I got to meet all my nephews and cousins..those darndest beings!! Hehehe..I'm gonna snap them pictures as many as I want..kiki...Thanks to my friend, lending me his speedlight..kikikii..No problem with the dark in-door shoot anymore..yeaahhh!!!

I think I better stop here...I'm so not well..I need hot cup of milo maybe...Jaa neeee!!!