Fariz Mat Min's wedding

Fariz Mat Min is my friend since I was 7 year-old. I didn't actually recall whether we were in the same class since standard 1, but we did study in the same class for years till secondary school made us apart. He was just an ordinary primary school student back then.

When we were on our 4th form, Fariz starting to unleash his capability to run long distance. He won the school's cross country and represented our school for it and other track events like 400m and 5000m.

When I was form 4, I joined taekwon-do class which has been joined by him since form 2 with the other Fariz. There, we shared our passion again. We sparred so many times. We went to the grading exams together. We ran for the same training when we represented the school for the cross country. I took a bath everytime after the training at his house before we got back to school.

Last sunday was his wedding day. Well actually one week before, bride's place. He looks so thin, I wonder how would I look during my wedding day. Eenthough we are not so close after secondary like we were, I still think of him of one of my best friend...

A lot of our friends came that day. I've been asked by some of the aunties when would it be my time..hehehe..Hope Fariz and I dunno his wife's name will live happily ever after through the pains, sorrows and happiness. Blessed with nice kids that can pray for them when they are not anymore around..

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