3 days off

As same of you were working last Friday, some of us weren't. We kinda celebrated Agong's birthday earlier..ehehe. BUt I just spent the time lazing in my room, playing games and watching movies..

On Saturday, I went to Nilai 3 with Cembam. It's my first time being there..It's not really hard to reach there as the signboard will lead you till u reach it. But actually there is a junction that will confuse U as only a word 'Nilai 3' is written on a small crappy wedding-look-a-like signboard. But seriously it helped. Thanks to anyone who wrote that.

Arriving there U would see so many shops selling textile, carpets, lamps and some other decorational stuffs. It really is a nice place to those who like to shop. I parked around the corner of one of building and started our mission. My mission was only to buy a bumpy matress like one of my housemate has. It's really nice. I'll wash my totos and put it aside for good..eh, no..for guests. Hehehe!!

Aku minat kain ni..ehehe

Cembam bought 4 kain pasang (help me translate this in english pleasee). We just window shopping a bit and kicked off back to Bangi for lunch after I failed to find the poptek tomyam restaurant..ahaha!!

We went to Hentian Kajang. Cembam bought bus ticket to Terengganu. Still the same price. But last night I heard from my housemate that for Johor ticket, it will cost u 70++ last night. I'm not sure whether it's the true news or not. It was dark at Hentian Kajang, so we drove away from the black clouds to Putrajaya to hang out while waiting asar.


I played sepaktakraw that evening despite of the rain coming down and drove Cembam home later that night. Sunday, just a normal one. I left my car for Cembam like usual. Ahhh..just now Cembam texted me saying that she bumped into a divider around the traffic light and made a dent on Wan Hayati..aduuu..I'm waiting for the picture right now.

Hmmm...today's clouds are so niceeee...