The wedding 1

As everyone has already know..Last week or precisely last weekend, I went home for various purposes. Enjoying my short break, Wan Hayati maintenance and attending my friends' wedding. Originally I only know about one wedding of my childhood friend, Shahr!na. Her house is just next to mine..well, our houses are separated by a big orchard of palm trees..but technically just next to mine.

But on the way back home, the news keep coming in and it happened that for Saturday, 2 weddings of my friends - Zharif and Shahrina and on Sunday another 2 which are Farahnaz's and Atina's. Whoaaa!! 4 of my friends in 2 days!!

There are another 2 weddings of my friend this month. One of them is my best friend - Fariz's and I'm looking forward to takse serious pictures during his wedding. I'll also apply AL for that..Well, two that I know for now..huhu!!

But I couldn't snap nice pics actually. Especially for the sunday's wedding because of the scorching sun..bad timing, too many people with DSLR camera and the need to go back to KL after the wedding. Kinda messy for me. I kinda embarrassed to snap pics with my Dieypu when there are someone else with a bigger cameras, equipped with a speedlight..huhu..I didn't take any pictures inside the house because of that very reason too.

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Sekitar Majlis Perkahwinan Muhamad Sari dan Shahrina..mmg matching nama

But during Shahrina's wedding, it's kinda great. THe Groom was very late to arrived. When we finished eating and at that time the groom supposed to be arriving, I could see the bride's sis was going to send the groom's outfit to the surau..

So, we took that chance to chat with others..greet our friend who is going to get married the end of this month and had had a nice time before the groom arrived. The weather wasn't that I could take pictures with ease...

Those are some of the pics..u can browse through my flickr for the rest as usual..I'll put the rest in fotopages as well. I've reached the limit of a free-user upload in flickr..muwahahaha!!

Sawah di Sungai Besar

Oh yeah...Akira. Gambar sawah that I've promised u..but not decent lor...I just took it from inside my car. It was damn hot that time and I couldn't find any nice angle..Hehe..I was hoping to get a nice picture of a house right in the middle of the padi field..some trees..but couldn't find one along the road..huhu..