Tag from Anne

Wokaih..Just finished doing some clean-up with the system as asked by our project manager just to make sure I won't leave the post with some unfinished business or some flaws here and there. I was tagged by Anne yesterday..ans she's already buzzing me in the comment box..kiki..Ok, not to let her sulks coz she's sensitive u know...n negative thinker as well..hahaha..I'm going to do the tag like right now..

5 things U want as gifts??
Well, usually in real life, U just got presents from close person like ur partner, family maybe, colleague..well.different sources for different people to sum up. Ok..because I know none of u would give me any of the things I've listed here..ahaha..so I put the most expensive one first till the much cheaper one.

Number 1 - CAR - Mitsubishi Lancer GTR. Actually if anyone wants to give me car..I would gleefully receive any kind any brand..huhu..


Number Three - DSLR stuffz!!

Number 4 - Laptop!!

Last but not least - Motorcycle Box

Reason for my choices??

First choice - of course I want my own car. Mine now, I continue my sis' installment. I think most of us are like that huh??

2nd choice - We dont have one in our bachelor's house. It must be great to have one so we could store more things..more foods...huhu

3rd choice - Of course because I want to become professional photographer. Making money with my lenses..hehe

4th Choice - I dont have one. The one I use now is my company's. hhuhuhu

5th choice - I lent my bike to my brother for a week so I borrowed my housemate's bikes when they didnt use it. Both of the bikes have box installed. I find it so convenient. I can put my thing inside..for emergency use and lots more reason. I didnt install one to my bike coz I think it make my benaffey (plate number BFY) looks nerd..huhu.

-I've been tagged by Anne

5 impression of her
-Well, I just met her once. So I'm going to tell u Anne what I can see from ur outer display for the brief glance that day

1) She has her own attractiveness in a way
2) God of Luck is so fond of her
3) Sporting
4) Manja
5) Jenis yg bersolek...

Memorable thing she done for me??
she kissed me on my cheek before we part ways last time..wahahahaha!!!wahahaha!!!wahahaha!!

Most loved Invention??
her straw origami..forgot lar what's the shape

What u despise the most??
This is something on her..or what I despise??Well I do think of one thing..secreeettt

6 people I wanna tag??
As I dont really have many people visiting my blog..maybe
-Shai (that's if u are around here somewhere)
-Akirasuri (jawab besar)

Wokeh..done my part...Jaa neeee