Noratina + Rahmat

Ok..last pics of wedding for this week..=p. Its Noratina Abd Rahman and Rahmat (brother in law of Intan Azmira - to whom it may concern).

Actually I didn't get the invitation, just get it from Intan. BUt I said..names will start slipping from your mind during this very big day of yours except u start listing down ur friend's names months before ur wedding.

Atina is my primary school friend..well that is if u ask when I last spoke with her. Coz secondary school, different classes, I joined the school a year know..We trained together once back then for tilawatul Quran with Ustazah Zabedah.

I just came for her akad nikah because the next day (the wedding ceremony), I need to go to Farahnaz's. Well, she invited me of priority to hers..huhu

May Allah bless them with cute, well-behave kids and happily ever after even if her husband is going to marry second wife...As long as she always happy..right...

More pictures in my fotopages ;