New desk

Huhuu...I'm sitting at my new desk now..well actually just a temporary one which is belong to a person called Shah probably from the same support team. I dont really know the entire members from support team yet.

I'm browsing through the web training and decided to post a new entry for today. Nothing great to share actually except that I'm bringing Cembam for the 2nd time to be introduced to my family. The only difference is that this time, it would be a complete family. My dad was asking and keep asking about her. So I think this is the best time to bring her home.

I'm not going to play sepaktakraw as usual and taking shots today because my team are going for a dinner after this..Hehe..I think we are going to have it at Meridian hotel..I just hope the meals are so good...ehehe!! are some pics of the spikers in action...Hmmm..I think I've improved a lot in this area..hehe..Any comments? hehe!!!

Ajis doing half-roll-kick

Abg Zamri with his straight backstroke

Abg Din, the old tiger spiking the ball

The rest of the pictures, surely you can browse through the flickr..if u are interested anyway.