Fariz and Hawa Wedding

As I was really occupied with the web training which is must and mandatory to every new person joining HRIT team with a 2 days-a-week training at the main office on top of that, I couldn't manage to steal some time updating my blog

I guess drafting it at home is the best way isn't it? As you already knew, I brought Cembam to my hometown meeting with my family adn along with that, attending my best friend's wedding.

It's been a really nice day and suspend at the same time for me and Cembam. I dont really want to explain about it in detail...simply put, it was nice to introduced Cembam to my family but something can still be improved...hehe..

The theme for my best friend's wedding is purple for the bride's side and royal yellow fir the groom's side. I went to both of them. I managed to take some pics when my best friend was getting ready at the surau..Hawa was so beautiful that day and Fariz looked so Ladder 49..ehehe..

Soulzeshifter. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

I tried using flash this time for in-house shoot and edit it to erase the flash effect and make it more real...hopefully it works and you would think that there are nice..=].

I'm really looking forward to get a wedding shoot job in the future. I need to be exposed with the real wedding job by tagging along with them wedding photographer. I think I need to design my own photobook starting now..hmm..yup..I'll do that..Bhasyaaaa!!!!!

Just click on the mosaic and you will be guided to the flickr album of my best friend's wedding...