Dieypu on someone else's hands

Really bored plus irritated having to finish the online web training which I've told you in my previous entry. Most of the things have already at the back of my serebrum..Still, I need to go through one by one of the steps and completed it. Argghhh..iritating..

To go to the next module takes a lot of time as well...slow...arghhh..But I really need to complete it cob today coz I've already needed to solve some tickets...

My housemate's colleague wanted to rent my dieypu for two days as he's going to Terengganu. Well, it's a really heavy thing to let dieypu go to someone else's hands..but maybe that's the only way to attract him to buy my dieypu..ehehe..

I rent it for Rm60 coz Rm10 will be given to my housemate as mark-up fee..ahaha!! I'm gonna miss dieypu. If he dares to do any il-intention to Dieypu..I'm gonna kick his ass.