Adjaay Berkk??


I'm going to be officially out of testing team and move to support team. I'm not really sure whether it's the best choice to make, leaving the team lead post and trying a new post that requires U to be there at least for 3 years. Both of the posts have their own pro and cons..It's hard though to leave this post after I've been given a responsibility, trust by my manager, Kak Ti to do this task. Kinda let her down in a way. But I just thinking what best for me or at least what I thought is best for me.

I've been in the project almost a year, so..I thought maybe by knowing everything about this project not only from the user-end perspective is a better prospect in the future. I just wanna try new things, new responsibility to challenge my capabilities..Bhasyaaa!!!!

Ok..that's a bit about my career progress. I hope I would get a desk next to the window where I can gaze the clouds anytime I want..

I finally back on the court, playing my sport every evening..well at least for now. Not sure what will happen once I moved into support line. Whether I would be able to kick-off from the office at 5.30 or at least at 6. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problem. I would bring my Dieypu when I arrived home a bit early and try to learn how to take pictures of people jumping and playing sports.

Ahhh...I want to share something funny actually. I sent my car for a check last month. I was going to put it here before, but needs to prioritize the wedding update first. Ok, I sent my car to check the gear which is so stubborn to shift and to adjust my handbrake which a bit loose making my car still moving if I pull my handbrake on a hill or descending surface.

After the mechanic said that my gear is at it's limit, I thought I would bare with it till it's completely exhausted. It'd cost 1k ok..Then, I just asked him to adjust my handbrake which required him to detached the rear tyres to adjust the disc..costed me RM35..huhu. After finished, his daughter which with a glance seems educated prepared the receipt for it. And guess what she wrote ;


I have so many movies to watch now..ehehe..I'll share with u guys the review of any movies I've watched if any of U would be interested..nge he he!! I just finished watching this Japanese Drama Attack no. 1. Nice one. Unlike Nero Attack aired during our primary school, no special effect with the spike like the 'sumersault berpusing'..or the 'zuhal serve'..ahaha..

Click the link, and you'll know what the story is about. Till then Jaa Nee!!!!