Achoi's Wedding

I've known Achoi for about 2 years. I met him when I was trying to find a place to play sepak takraw around my new house after I moved from Minlon area to Puncak Jalil. I saw people playing in the evening when I ws riding my bike to the office. There began my new friendship with all of them.

I reckoned during my first day joining them on the court that Achoi can really play as a feeder. Year after year, we played together every evening and become friends with a same passion on the sport along with the rest of them.

Last Sunday, it was his best day of his life, his wedding which is held at Tanjung Kling Malacca. We surely planned to come to his wedding. We kicked off around 10a.m. I car pooled with Safari, one of our friends accompanied with his son, well actually his son insisted to come along.

The left one is Safari's son...the one being the additional radio along the journey..and also the one 'bakar2' ayah dia suh bawak laju2.."ayah..potong honda tu ayah!!"

The girl who would met some guys' hearts in the future

I've decided to use both of my yahoo accounts for flickr. Hence, starting now, I'll be uploading wedding pictures in this account. Just click on the mosaic to browse the rest of the pictures...=]. I managed to use 50mm lense with a result of satisfying picture..hooray me!!!

Today, I attended the first session of the SAP training held by the management. Almost all of my batch were picked to undergo the session to expose us to 3 of the modules. Org Management, Personnel Admin and Time Recording. Being with my other colleagues made me feel so small. They have a lot of exp with their projects while I only assigned to 1 project so far, 2 actually..but the other one cannot be considered I supposed. Plus, the module is not about the one covered in the training. So I'm like a fresh grad assigned to a big project..huhu

But I'll do my best definitely and try to cope in as fast as I could. It's for the sake of my career anyway..Bhasyaaaa!!!!!!!