The weekend and some pics

We have one week to complete test for Europe roll-out. Trying to do it as fast as we could so we have more time to deal with the issues which would arise during the execution.Ok, enough with the working stuff..

weekend was kinda full with activity. I was planning to have a date with Cembam in the early morning (note early = 9-10a.m) so we could go to Putrajaya to shoot some pics. I haven't had the opportunity to take pictures there yet..But due to the one hour breakfast, we arrived there when the blazing sun scorchingly overwhelmed us...And it made me so lazy to take pics with that kind of I just managed to shoot few pics of Putrajaya Mosque and the bridge before we kicked off to Mydin to buy our toiletries..

On Sunday, we went to the PC Fair in the middle of the human flood...Hushhh~~~. Gasping for air, we stopped at the HP booth. Cembam's dad wanted to buy HP Compaq. The price was so great!! I was so encouraged to buy one for myself. But the intention was easily hampered with the fact that we are trying to get married..huh~~~..ahaha!! We got a nice bargain of the free gifts, dropped a down payment and went to find ATM machine while the technician set it up for us.

The idiot part is me carrying my camera bag..trying to shoot some pics, but due to not checking the battery, I ended up carrying it just for display. I couldn't snap any pictures!!! Damnnnn!! I just watching the people, the fun and the view without even memorize it digitally for my collection..huwaaa!! Always check ur battery...

It's tiring in a way...I can't stand crowds anyway...Once the laptop has been paid, we walked towards Ampang park to purchase ticket and had our way home from there instead of the crazy numbers of people lining up to buy tickets at KLCC..Tiring to walk with all those stuffs, but the journey home went smoother... But still I have a car..I still remember riding my motorcycle in the middle of the blazing sun..carrying big stuffs..sgt susah..pastu baju hujan aku pulak baru je kena rembat masa aku park smbhyg...lahanat...

takpe..aku takde rezeki di situ..dpt rezeki aku tetap tak maafkan ko pencopet setannn..aku harap ko mati eksiden...wahaha!!

sekadar gambar hiasan..bukan gambar pencopet itu..

Ayman will going to Manila again today..ciss..dengki aku..Ayman..remember to buy me a mug with Philippines written on it..kalau tidak..aku tak kawan kauuu!!!

ayman melompat gagah

Al fatihah to Anwar, my friend, my colleague, my blog reader for his lost. His dad passed away yesterday...Let's pray may his soul is accepted by Him and blessed with his mercy and bestowed with his kindness....Al Fatihah~~