With blinks of eye..It's already Thursday...The day which is known as the last day of a decent day to work coz Friday always doesn't count. But for me, since a couple weeks back..Friday is the most crucial day where all the triggers start clicking and aiming at my head...waiting for keppowww!! Well..who don't??!! Everyone has their own pressure, timeline, dateline.

But the best thing bout me..I don't feel any pressure yet..just not yet..apart of all the dateline, eventhough I sense something bad, a probability of skid away from the dateline..I remain calm..why?coz it doesn't change a shit if u start getting tensed and pressured..nothing at all!! It makes you just even slower to execute always calm myself..husshhh..haaaahhh..husshhh...haaahhh..

Peace and calm

I was thinking of having reunion like I supposed to come last fasting month..ampun cik Masy..SO, what do u guys say??let's gather lor..We can see the true person behind all those funky, sarcastic, Crazy, bongek words in the entries. Jom laa..let's gather the blogger..jom jom!!

I've been working till 7.30 for the past weeks..NO...I know, u cant complaint about's my job..I know la..sepak kang..But what I want to say is that it's been a while since my last recreation evening playing sepak takraw. I've already starting to feel the impact on my body lor..I felt tired when I reached home..It's already late..Nak skipping pn malas giler..It's totally different when I used to play everyday after work..Freshh...I dont know how u people who done nothing recreationally can stand that. I wanna play!!!

Last time turun padang