short holidays!!

Hye guys!! Happy Labour day!!!

Hopefully all of u guys are in front of your PCs, spending time with ur kids, hubbies, wives planning to hang out later and most important, not working this very day!! But I know, some of U might just working like usual today..well, maybe that's becoz u are not a labour..a CEO maybe...ehehe..

Sorry Cembam for our ruined plan to meet ur dad and visit Ganu, watching and experiencing how to 'candat sotong', breathing the beach air. Due to the first say that ur class or whatever it is, is ON like usual on Friday, we've already bypass the idea of going to ur hometown together...

SO, here I am, at my hometown trying to enjoy my short holiday..huhu!! I really hope Cembam would tag along..but I completely understand, my sis as well that Cembam would be shy and not comfortable to stay 3 nights at my home..and her mild fever on top of it.

My home. The lower concrete level - thanks to our belove Kak Wa. She used up all of her KWSP for it and for the sake of us.

Remember the cats I took pictures of them?? Those are some of the earliest pictures I took with my Dieypu. Well, they still hanging around on my backyard..under the bushes and just knew that they have a mother which always hissing like them..huhu!! Here are a pic of one of them..grown bigger..and trying to run using the hole from the drain...

Shot with 50mm lense - manual focus. Trying to get used to it and see whether it's worth to be owned..=p

The fly getting some honey

Owkh..lately when I tried to get the flies pic,I think their behaviour is a bit different. I still remember that flies have this kind of flying off even a slightest move towards them. But they seem a bit cooler now..well, the one I encountered at my backyard at least...So, I managed to get a nice shot of them. I'll try to approach them nearer next time..huhu..

Hmm..I was thinking of fishing...It's been...hmmm..almost 10 years since my last fishing. I thought I might join my colleague who I think have already on a boat waiting the fishes to take the bait now...But because I dont have a fishing rod..and the choice of coming home and going to meet cembam's dad...Arghh..I want to choose all of the options actually..huu~~