Owkh!! owkh!! Lost??!!

I was having some kinda incompetency and inconsistency of my windows for the last months...But I bare with it looking for any option to run something if the usual way is not permitted or making the Win hang for a while.

But last night I tried to repair my windows like I used to when facing this problem. The only difference is that I used the piratetz one back then but now, the company's laptop is using the ori one. BUt I was thinking that it would not going to affect much because usually pirated is copied from an ori one.

When everything is done, I try to reboot..but nothing happened..a blue screen popped out for a brief moment and the windows keep on trying to log in (Blue screen means the windows is corrupted). Damn!!! I was just trying out of blue..the a blue screen popped out and I didn't even make a backup for things in my machine!!!! Waaaaa!!!

The other concern is that if I send it to my admin, the new policy is that the laptop will only be given guess account to be used...no more installing!! No more games!! huwaaaahhhh!!! But serve me la kan!! Sapa suruh gatai2 buat...

There's some pics I took sitting by the playground. Pictures of kids playing the swing gracefully..head down legs up. The kid even smiled and look at my direction on the mid-air..so niceeeeee..but it's all gone!! Huwaaaa!!

But fortunately..my admin give me back the laptop..clean and clear but with the same access as an administrator..maybe a bit lack on authorization issue..but for sure I can still install things!!hehee..but pity my great treasures..huwaa!!

Sedeynya dakuuu!!!!