National Zoo 1

Arrr!!! I was intending to delete my flickr box at the right sidebar..but accidentally deleted my shout box..ngaaa!! Please if anyone knows or recall what kind of shoutbox I used..let me I could get back to the site and retrieve it.. I think I have a login ID for meee!!!

Huhu!!!! This is an update bout what I did last Sunday. Since the day I own my Dieypu, I start browsing and surfing to find new friends with the same hobby. One of the forum I've joined recently is the A lot of established photgraphers as well as beginners like me joined this forum.

They've plan on a beginner's outing at Lake Garden so we could gather along, exchanging knowledge, tips among others for better pictures in the future. It started at 8a.m!! Despite of the so-early-time, I still want to come (they say early morning is when we can get better pictures). I drove to Cembam's house (she tag along because she wanted me to drive her to wangsa maju to run some errands) at 7.15a.m and drive towards KL.

But last Sunday 'Run for Fun' was held at the city causing so many roads closed for that special event. I drove towrds the rounabout at Bank Negara..teeettt..road closed. I was thinking to come in from the Wisma Sime Darby..teettt..road closed, from the Mahameru entrance near The Mall..teeettt..road closed. I drove towards wisma chase perdana, made a U-turn, teeettt..road closed and accidentally drove straight towards Genting Klang. SO I decided not to come and drove to W.maju instead.

Early morning huh..I suggested to visit National Zoo coz I've never been there. The Jusco is not opened yet, the zoo just nearby..why not!! Apart of the Rm15 entrance's worth it when U have a camera with you..I mean..a new camera.ahaha!!. So here are some of the pictures. Feel free to browse more at my Flickr. Please kindly comment even critic so I could improve my shot.

Welcome to Zoo Negara...right pic - Myvi

Ohh..I love this one

Kids learning something or just watching??!!

Splashing..shot with a fast shutter speed adjusted

Emmm...auuummm..I like it!!

The great tiger taking a dip.

A lot more of them in my flickr. It's tiring a bit..but really worth it..So, why not trying to bring ur kids or siblings there..ehehe!! But a bit disappointed when the lion wasn't there..the roarrr was heard from the entire segment of the zoo, but the lion was nowhere to be found..huuu