The testing seems quite slow and relaxing after the outstanding issue is still not being solved. We are waiting for portal testing and currently testing some changes on the invitation form and some enhancements made for HRA/EDM transactions...We will finish it by today and make sure Thursday and Friday are confirmed off-days for us...

*just some heads-up of my job..=]


Hmmm..I'm going for short vacation from thursday to Sunday if nothing happens before it reaches the date. I was thinking of fishing just like the old days, with the old bamboo..60 cents string and a bait of lizard or frog bought from pekan.It's been a while though. My colleague invited me to join him and his father for deep sea fishing at Terengganu. Intriguing as it sounds, but I dont have any fishing rod and buying one is not in my expenses sheet right now.

Our boss treated us a free lunch at the Courtyard garden around the corner of my office. It's quite nice. While waiting for the orders, I went through the wedding cataogue listing all the things to be planned during a wedding..fusshhh..sweating while figuring the cost.

I ordered jumbo prawn..really jumbo size..4 of them yet makes me full n the taste is so nice. Pity I didn't bring my Dieypu.

As a non-smoker, I came up with this poster of myself..ahaha!! something to kill time when u arrived home after ur work. Taken from the lunch at Carcosa Sri Negara. movie is in the cinema...go book your ticket!!! It's about 2 heroes fighting with all those workloads but live life happily with the support from each others and sarcasing each others oftenly. Based on true story.

All the stunts are done by the actors themselves..This action-comedy film is likely to beat forbidden kingdom in every single aspects!!! Go watch it!!!

Photo credit : Nuar. The other machai which will be starring in the next sequel of the movie

oh yahh..due to requests from Masy and Sodep for more pictures, I've uploaded others at my fotopages..go get it..well, if you want it..