Kangar Wedding

Last weekend Cembam, her friend C.wan and I went to the North - Kangar to attend their friend's wedding. Original plan..actually I wasn't pretty sure what was the original plan to begin with..but it was really pissing me off at the beginning. But I managed to get my head cooled back and the journey begun with a warm and nice environment.

It such a long journey and I had to asked cembam strictly to swap me for driving. Apart of her complaints of the hill, the crook corners and many more..she managed to swap drive for a while till the next stop. She also managed to drive in the middle of the rain which none of us could see the cars ahead clearly..thumbs up!! pasni leh harap lagi laa..hehe!!

Well, my exp..when the direction given by a female (no offence)..the direction always a mess. So, the sama happened..we followed the direction given by Cembam's friend and ended up driving towards the wrong way. Really hard to reach her..we just decided on our own.

Skip the detail of the journey..tiringg..We reached there around 6.30 p.m plus waiting for the pengantin to fetch us..It's already dark a bit..not rally nice to shoot the green padi field. But I still took some photos for Cembam. Might not be great pictures. I'm not really skilled with in-house photography yet. No flashgun..these are what I got..feel free to comment..

Pelamin angan ku makan duit

The bride..disuruh jgn tanggal makeup smpi depa datang

Selamat Pengantin Baru

C.wan amik tempias

Cembam pn amik tempias yg susah hati tuu..ahaha


The darndest kid..besa la...aku kan suka budak.

More on my flickr..not sure those can be called a wedding photo or not...malu nk tunjuk. dont really have experience on it. So, anyone who intend to ask me for their wedding photo..better evaluate those and think again..ahaha..for the time being at least. I'm not really sure what a flash gun could do..I'm learning bout it now..ehehe!!