Free pot plants, lunch and Parker pen

Jom gather dengan wan hayati yg gagah lg ayuuu

Setakat ni aku nampaknya yang betul2 komfirm masih lagi Masy dan Anne. Acai..ko kompem tak?? Stefeno? Ko ikut tak...nnt kita leh citer gambar2..ko leh try amik gambar ngan kamera aku..ehehe (racun2)

Setakat ni nmpk cam stuku tgok wayang bersama2...mandi air terjun jom??!! Ke anda malas basah2???

Cepat bgtu Masy atau aku nak join ke tak..huhu..Masy..kalau berempat je yg kompem camne??huhu..


Emm..yesterday Ayman gave me a lift to the as well. The reason is because we were having lunch yesterday at Carcosa Sri Negara located just not away from here. It was my first time and I bet for the rest as well.

The menus are France cooking, we ordered Black Angus (like a big black cow) and Cord fish..need to select one of those. It's nice...but the best part was the pictures of course..

I brought my camera to the office yesterday for the ocassion and managed to took lot of pictures which is now under editting..yup..It's gonna be my first entry here with the entire pictures are editted. Because of the low light and I dont really an expert yet in low-light photography + no speedlight yet. I just use no-flash mode the entire lunch.

We had the Earth Day yesterday as well where 30 first comers will get to adopt cute pot plant to put on the desk and to be nurtured..nice!! I dont have to buy one my own from jusco!! Yiehaa!! I ask my colleague to get one eventhough she didn't feel like to so I could get two of them!!! Ahahaha!!And on top of that, the project manager gave us a gift for the successful Philippines go-live for One health..parker pen..yiehaa!!

The pot plant and Parker pern for free!!

These in an artistic compilation of some of the pictures. original size one will be in my flickr soon..just wait..