Carcosa Sri Negara

I need to stay back till 9 p.m today. So, I woke up reluctantly from my toto this morning and heard the melody of the rains falling down from the sky..Oh..Better sleep back. It's not a big deal to ride through the rain towards home, but big deal if it's toward the office..

Ok..these are the pictures from the filmstrip I posted yesterday. Most of them need editting because of the low-light environment and amateurish skill on it. Plus, I just learnt how to do this kind of effect..why not trying it. It superbly fantastic!! The original pics are blurry a bit..but with these touch has a nice feeling of artistic and better result..hmmm..niceee...

The rest of the pics, u can straight away click my flickr header and browse them there..

Ok..still with the gathering thingy..It happens that some bloggers from Masy's house will be joining us (so far Masy, Anne and I). So here are the updated venue and time after a couple of SMSs with Masy..

Venue : Mid Valley ( reason:bowling, movie, parking)
Time : 12 noon (ok..feel free to suggest the time)
gathering post : KFC
Way to know who are the joiners : angkat dua tangan dan jerit kuat2 (sy kacak atau sy cantik) forward to any last minute suggestion and looking forward to meet all of you guys. Hopefully eventhough we dont really know each other..but can still laugh and get along nicely..Jaa Nee..