Bugs edition - plus gathering details

Thanks for all of the respons. I got some respons from Masy's blog's visitors as well. Yup, as mentioned in the previous entry, I was thinking of having a gathering..not sure whether it's going to be a big one or a small one - based on participation from you.

U might never visited my blog, but as long as u are interested to meet the other bloggers..u can come for sure. For now, those who have conveyed their interest to join in are;

1. Masy
2. Anne
3. Acai
4. Stefeno (eh..ko minat tak nk join..ko ckp pasal buntut wangi je kat komen)
5. ND

So, I dont really mind how many would participate, but the more the merrier. And the place..Ouch..I'm not really sure the best place yet. Some place we could have leisure talk, eat when the stomach got bored and nice pics..

Therefore, suggestions are welcomed!! We get to know who might have the same interest and hobbies when we gather...!! Come on guys. The place that crossed my mind are ;

1. KLCC?? (dekat, tk sempat amik gambar lg kat situ)
2. Any waterfall like Gabai??Ulu Yam?? (these kind of places tak kisah pn brp kali nk gi)
3. Taman tasik Perdana?
4. Taman tasik titiwangsa (oh..ini tempat2 yg tak kuar duit utk parking mungkin)

Give me your suggestion yah!! Oh, some of the pics I took yesterday..need to use flash coz of the raining and dark evening. Not a macro mode..just normal mode with flash. 200mm focal length..I still hope I dont need to use flash..huhh...

Original pics, just cropped it to zoom the bugs...