Work WOrk!!

I know it's been a while since my last entry posted bout those dreams of mine. Hehheee..anyone starting to jot down some notes bout their dreams right after u woke up from ur dreams sweating or maybe got ur pants wet?!!!. Kikiiikiki!!!

Due to a heavy workload with a single additional resource, my job, my task has become so tideous, a bit irritating and rushingly needs to be completed around this wednesday. My leave for this thursday and friday (maulidur rasul) might also be taken-away-without-notice due to the request of the completion. WTF!!

I'm not gonna comply with these thing. I'm not gonna stay back at the office to finish things up because they wanted it to be done on time but so stingy when it comes to getting more resources. LEt's skip these office-resource-damnit topic shall we.

This has nothing to do with the story...just a picture in a middle of an entry..yaaa

I've been brought by Rahman, Apis and Am, my newly made friends with Nuar as the 'asbab'. The friendship was created from the word photography. I was planning to buy a DSLR camera and came across these guys whom have been doing this expensive hobby for quite sometimes. My mind has set to buy EOS 400D. But after further discussion and brought to Pudu Plaza at one of the cheapest camera shop could be found..I started to doubt my decision.

Based on Am, Canon is surely fully automatic and to snap a 'movement' is the best. But to get the perfect colour, Canon can't give him enough satisfaction and it has been agreed by most of camera experts. So they asked me what kind of pictures am I going to shoot. After hearing my desire and my scope, they suggested me Nikon 60D. Well, it costs Rm2.35k without memory card. max budget is 2.5k..But, I'll try to make up the other hundos..

Cembam keeps on saying and asking whether it's so important to be bought coz the money could be used to buy so many things..But after a deep conflict within myself I suggested to buy it. I'll grab it early next month. My reason - it's my passion, hobby, source of satisfaction and something I would not be able to buy once I get married. So, I'll stick with the lense kit for maybe a year or more before I could get a super lense. Why??Honing my skill and start being thrifty so I could save money more towards our wedding...ahahaha!!! Cembam agreed to support my decision..yiehaaaa!!!!


Owkh...I manage to collect al 7 mini ferrari car from Shell. They had had an event here at shell house chase perdana so anyone could buy the mini car straight from here...So I bought the other 3 to make it complete. hehe...

All 7 of them. Start ur engine!!!!

In the pit stop...ehehe!!