Where's my keys???

Huu~~~...just got back from my home..ehehe!!

We had had a team Lunch and tele-conference meeting session last evening. Well, lunch for the folks at Netherlands and dinner for us here in malaysia. We ordered our dinner from Nando's..nyum nyum. I ordered half chicken with 2 sidelines, grilled chicken salad and chicken wings. The budget is Rm35 per head..so I just fully used it..ahaha!!

Ayman gave us a lift after that drove us home. It's kinda tradition whenever we were supposed to be at the office later than 7p.m..hehe..thanks Ayman..I LIKE UR WAY MANNN..U ARE COOLLL!!!! Ahahahaha!!!

So, this morning, Ayman fetched me up. I've already prepared all my things and hopped on. Almost reaching the office, I found out that I left my bike and my house keys...arghhh!! I've searched everywhere on me and in the bag but the keys remain unseennnn. Confirmed..I just left it home.

During lunch just now, I borrowed my friend's bike and went home. Found the key, bought my lunch and had a niceeee nap...ahaha!!! That's my work for the day..yeaaaa!!!

So everyone are ready to vote??? Heading back home I presumed??? Sorry, I didn't manage to register my name as a voter. They said, the registration period is already over. Some of my friends said that I can still vote and register under Seputeh. But..naaahhh..thanks. I don't how the things run here. I prefer to vote for the leader of my own place...I'll definitely vote for the next election...hehe!!

My sis registered strmyx at home..Yeaaa..I've bought a D-link router modem for her. Hopefully it can be used and I can configure it for her when I'm home this weekend. I heard Stremyx has already blocked some of the torrent website...Darn!!!