The plan went through...

We reached Ulu Yam around 12 noon. We found a spot, a wooden benches with a medium size table and had all of our belongings on it. We first had our late breakfast and couple of shots. The outing was joined by me and Cembam, Fariz, Hawa, Iza, Nora and Omar.

Just arrived. From left ; Nora, Iza, Fariz, Hawa, Me and Wawa (Omar behind the camera)

Done eating, we started to dip our body slowly in the chilling flowing water...It was so niceeee...been a while since my last one. Splashing there and here...

Splash2..aaa...ieee...splash splash!!

Hiyarghhhhh...My muscle there see???But the rock won't move..ahahaha!!


Took a break, we ate some rice and dishes prepared by every single women there. I took the oppurtunity handling Omar's Eos 400D..god damn fantastic. Being a first-timer using a DSLR camera, I learnt a bit on how to use it. A bit adjusting...and the pictures would be in a very vast difference. I likee ittttt~~~~

With my dream camera...huhu!!! I want it..I want it!!

Cembam..before she...humph..

My best self-snap ever..ehehe..Nothing happened if you fast forward it..haha!!

Done splashing, we drove towards OU and went bowling. 3 on 3, cross-lane game. U can tell who wasn't in. After the bowl, we kicked-off and parked at Giant Kelana Jaya for our dinner and March birthday celebration which was for Iza and I. Well, it was an early birthday celebration for both of us..huhu!!

At the end of the day, I drove Omar and Cembam home. End of the outing. The pictures tell more of the story. It was a very nice outing for us. Skip the heart-breaking ending I meant...

More of the pictures at my fotopage. There's the link on the right side..or just simply click here ;