200th post!! My D40..My Dieypu

I'm as usual at Amer Restaurant surfing during the weekend while Cembam finishing her laksa next to me. I had a nice Maulud Nabi off-day searching for my D40 with Omar and a new friend - Cat whom also in a same hobby with her newly bought D70s. Yeaa..a friend with a same megepixels..heehhe!!

I've contacted my junior earlier that day and he said that his network seems to still have it in stock with a price of RM1750 for the kit. I asked him to kinda book it for me till monday so I could buy from him if the journey that Thursday ended up with a No-stock theme from every shops we went.

Luckily, we ended up at International Service Center, a camera shop situated in Pertama Complex. Omar brought me there and I started asking bout the D40. Most of them encouraged me to buy D60 instead. But thank to Kenrockwell.com, I managed to clearly choose a camera for me and I stick with D40. Winnie, the salesgirl managed to contace her network and said I could get it after 2 hours, around 5-6p.m. So I paid her a deposit and went back there after a while.

There it was, my D40kit. Yiehuuuu!!!!! A girl came with her dad asking the same model. So I said to Winnie that because of me, she ordered those D40 and because of the new stock, she got a new customer.."I give u ONG maaa!!! Kasi murah lg..".

So, I'm now learning the functions of my Dieypu (I named it just now) and hopefully I could master her as soon as I could to come up with a nice pictures to be shared with others so I could learn more and more.

My first picture I took with Dieypu

My neighbour's while waiting Friday prayer to commence

The sky before the rains poured down saying, "hahaha..kau takleh main petang ni!!!"

So, Nuar..hopefully you will have one after this so we could spend some time shooting together..ehehe!!!But the hands became so shaky when you were to paid for it..ahaha!!! Ok then, short update for everyone...Farah, I'll ask some tips from you later tau....Jaa Neeee

My Dieypu pic I took from Kenrockwell.com. I bought along this lense;

My budget is around 2.5k to buy D60. but because the professional review (kenrockwell.com) said that it's better to just buy D40 because the same performance only less megapixels..so the price difference managed to let me buy additional lense...yeeaaa....!!