Huuuu...I had my lunch with Elyani just now...It's been a while since our chat about interests, hobbies, pictures, photograpy and on and on. She envies me of having my Dieypu after a while we shared the same interest. Her husband doesn't really encourages her to buy DSLR camera for his own reason I presumed. No worries Elyani!!!! Keep trying to seduce ur hubby to buy u one..ahaha..maybe u can say "I'll cook the best dinner ever for the whole month if u buy me 1"..or "I'll play badminton with u and purposely lose every evening for a month if u buy me 1"...ahaha!!!

Either way..still a lot of time for u to think bout the right model for your use. Warning!! - It's an expensive hobby..really really expensive..U can't get the pictures u always longed to snap like just by the first 3k investment..Nadaaa!! But i Kinda like to prove that to be wrong. I wanna prove u can still get satisfaction with a nice pictures with 2 lenses..ahaha!!Pray for my luck..

It's been rather sunny..hmm..when I've prepared my mind saying that it would be rain, no need to bring my shoes to it's sunny..gaaaa!!!

Here my latest mom's the best medicine for everyone...ahahaha!! dia sakat aku kata aku cam bujang lapok bawak baju2 dlm kain yeee..hamik kauuu!!!

p/s : Elyani..ur husband browse my page ke??halamak kena delete entri takut menyinggung perasaan dan punggung..ampunn!!!