happy birthday to mee

I've wrote my entry for today's special day last night. But i forgot to bring home the pendrive I borrowed from Cembam, I just saved my blog into my phone memory card. Unfortunately, none of the computers here give the authorization to transfer it via bluetooth..Dang!! I'll update it tonight maybe....=]

Anyway..thanks for all your warm wishes..Really happy today but a bit disappointed because the camera I aimed - D40 is not in stock. Farah Y..I join NIkon la...hehe. The colour precision is said to be better than canon.

Eventhough the original plan was to have D60, but after I read a professional photographer reviews, they said D60 is just a waste of money coz it's just the same D40 or D40x and advised readers to just buy D40 regardless of the 6MP coz Megapixels don't matters!! And the budget can be channeled to buy power lense..Heee..so, no self-bought gift for me there..huhu!!