Friday and some pics

It really was sunny yesterday. But I didn't bring my shoes to play. I'm not even preparing to kick off from the office when the clock was ticking closesly to 6 p.m. But I rode as fast as I am used to and straight awat pickup my Dieypu and my shoes. I thought of learning again how to snap moving pictures yesterday while starting Wan Hayati (read : my car). She's not been moving for a while.

So, these are some of the pictures which I thought I could share. Not that good...I'm improving InsyaAllah. Feel free to comment as it would guide me to trudge along my path of passion. This picture here is my first product after knowing how to do it the easiest koman huh?? Better late than never...

Cikgu (tekong) and Adik (orange) duel that evening

It sure is difficult to get a very clear picture of the object I focus coz the focus would easily distracted to the net, bikes, the lamp post..ahaha!!! Again..I'm learning and keep on looking for ways to improve my shot...I don't want the lense reason to thwart my idea of 'u can snap a nice picture with 2 lenses'..ahaha!!!

They fought in the mid-air...the rest are waiting for conclusion

Along back spiking the ball while the rest surely trying to bounce it back

The purplish...

This morning I dreamt of me..with my punctured bike...struggling to find a workshop to fill the tyre with air...hopelessly the shops weren't open..I force-rode it with my brother (suddenly he was just sitting at the back)...we couldn't control the bike..BAAAAAMMMM!!! We hit a classroom of a school..then we play ping pong...

I awoke after that..It's 9 a.m already!!Giyaaaaa!!!Ahahaa..I can give reason to whom might asking why am I late..I got a punctured my dream..ehehe!!!