Dreams of ma friendsss

I was planning to write bout these dreams of mine but there were so many ocassions and events which supposed to be updated first like the Ulu yam outing and so forth..

I was dreaming bout some of my friends, college mates, school mates, office mates...segala macam mates lah. Usually if I dreamt bout them, I'll text them and ask whether they having problem and need someone to talk to. Luckily this time none having problems..But usually, they always admitted that they had problems and texted with me half of the day.

Ok, these are the dreams that I still remember. I really miss every single moments in this dream (which involving me). Maybe that's the cause of these dreams.

1) I dreamt of Iza, one of my schoolmate where we were having bara'an at her house. We ate some raya cookies and her mom was sitting at the corner of the house watching us with smile treating ourselves with the dishes.

I texted her the next day and she said she intended to text me that night..but tak jadi. Then I arranged the Ulu Yam outing. Cembam jgn jeles ah..

2) I dreamt of Zaidi..my old pal from my childhood. One of the gang before he started to get more matured, the class separation then we are not that close anymore. He was carrying a baby boy when I asked who's baby was that. He said, "of course mine. The product of Nazpulena and I". Well, it happened that Nazpulena is his GF now..

There's also Yahya (kojohn) in that dream. After I played with zaidi's baby, I shaked hands with him and Yahya. I managed to say that his hand was not so soft anymore.(Zaidi has the softest hand for a guy I've ever felt..haha).

3) It was in the classroom back then when I was studying in a KAFA school (sekola petang kami panggil). It was during an exam. I entered the class looking for my table..when I found it, the ustazah (ustazah satihah) has already asking us to submit the papers coz time is up!!

"usatazah..sy baru jumpa meja ni.kira sejam la bagi saya ye.."
"tak boleh..hantar skang gak"
"okla..sy tibai je la"

I sat on my table and started shooting the answers. Awiz (my old pal) sat next to me and kept on talking about air pasang surut dan teorinya. Ustazah asked him to shut up but he kept talking making her giggled. Awiz said it's gonna be easy for me coz I'm a clever student.

"pala otak ko..aku dh lama tak study. (my head was thinking why on earth am I here..in the dream). Lagi2 math tambahan ngan biologi..aku dh bodoh dh start masuk matrik"

I only managed to answer 2 questions which are;

1) Apakah pekerjaan plg sesuai bg gambarajah di atas.
Hahaha!! I answered fisherman of course. It was an objective question. I didnt remember the multiple choices of answers

2) Apa kah jenis muka bumi di (a) dan (b)
I didn't manage to circle the answer. Or I did circled the answer but I forgot.

Hahaha!! what questions huh?? And before I submitted my paper, my old best fren, Zul Affyi was asking me to sign the futsal list..twice for confirmation and the 'duit kutu'. Ahahaha!! apa jadah la ini mimpi!!!

4) Last night I dreamt of Marlena, my colleague. We were visiting her after sometimes of she delivered her baby. I was asking, "how is it right now". And she answered;

"aku dh cerai dah ngan zuhri..."
"Haaa??!! selama ni cam ok happy je"
"Ooo..aku buat2 hepi so korg tk tanya"
"awat nya"
"ntah..aku tak tahan la prgai dia..bengang tol.takleh masuk la. Kalu dia pandang aku..mata dia tu wat aku calm je..happy..tp mmg takleh tahan la"
"so ur baby?"
"Dia jaga..dia bagi I nafkah je"

hahaha!! Marlena was covering her ears once I told her my dream..kiki..No worries..It's just a dream though..Hahaha!! haaa..that are my dreams which I remembered well. Kiki..I'll share it again with all of you..if I remember them..hehehe!! Jaa neeee!!!