The cuties under the bushes

Huu..kinda busy today. Well I suppose to finish and complete the Philippines roll-out testing by today, but it seems impossible due to some authorization issue with the specific local system ID provided by our authorization consultant whom unfortunately not here today..hmm..

Last night I went for bowling with my sisters. One of them brought along her boyfriend who drove her to grandma's house when our uncle passed away the other week. We had a nice time, but not really a great photo I could share with all of you. I need to hone my skill more for night-shooting or in-house-lighting shooting.

I managed to clear up the miserable semak samun (anyone helps me with the english term please) on the front yard. Then my housemate voluntarily started to clear up the one at the backyard when he encountered two little kittens that live under the bushes!!

Owkh..They found us..damn!!

What's that?what's that?

Where have u been? I told u not to talk to strangers didn't I? Prrr...

Anyone who might be interested to adopt these 2 little cuties..let me know..Take if for free. I like cats..but the problem is, the poos..huhu..and the smell of course. I'm not that fond to clear that up!! If they can shit at the bathroom, I'll think bout taking care of them..No offence!!

These are some shots while waiting the others to play sepak takraw but instead of them, the rains stop by and forced us to have our evening at the Pakistan Restaurant with doule roti canai and hot tea..

Wacaaaaa!! Muthusamy nali tappati (I watched this tamil movie yesterday). Did u watch it Mak Su??

The darndest thing

The 'still-green' player.

There are not that great. I know. I'm improving and keep honing my skill till one day u would be satisfy with the results..Bhasyaaaa!!!

Owkh..last night after I dropped my sister off at UPM, some foreigners stopped my car asking for a lift coz the taxis was no where to be found. Of's almost midnight..the guards wont allow them to come in. So I offered them a lift. There are Iraqis..wanted to go to Jln telawi bangsar. I said I can't drive them there, but I can drop them at the Komuter station. They thanked me big one and said "Malaysian are so nice and relax"..